A good start to a new YA dystopian trilogy from husband and wife team Tom & Giovanna Fletcher

June 12, 2018

Eve of Man (Eve of Man #1) by Tom & Giovanna Fletcher

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars





Before I start this review I would like to say that I absolutely adore Tom and Giovanna, they are one of the sweetest couples and I watch their vlogs and love their approach to parenting and life and their work in general. When I heard they were writing a YA Trilogy together I could not have been more excited.

Writing a book together as a husband and wife team is not a new concept, I have read books before where the husband has written from the male point of view and the wife from the female and when it works it works really really well so I didn't have any concerns about how the mechanics of it all would work in Eve of Man and if anything it was exciting to read this style of book again. And then let us not even talk about that plot, from the minute Tom and G explained it I was all there for it. It is really really clever, the world finds that suddenly no girl babies are being born worldwide and they have to wait for 50 years for one solitary girl, Eve, to be born and she is to be the saviour of mankind.

I was itching for the release date and delved in as soon as I possibly could. I immediately liked the idea that we are following Eve as she reaches maturity and they are planning to introduce her to the 3 potential males with whom she will have a relationship and begin to hopefully repopulate the world with more girls. The setting of an isolated tower where she has been sheltered and protected was really great and I loved that she had women surrounding her who had chosen to help her on her journey to womanhood and as she prepares for what lies ahead. 

Tom & G give us some really interesting twists such as looking at what Eve does for friendship bearing in mind there are no other girls of her age in the world and contact with boys could lead to consequences Eve is not able to be exposed to. The holographically generated'Holly' with whom she spends her days is a really great plot line which gives us the way in which she has companionship. 

Where this plot is really clever is it introduces us to the second character in the book, Bram, who is the pilot of 'Holly', meaning he is the voice of Holly and the personality behind her. He from another room in the tower controls what Holly says and does and it is through this that we follow Bram as he falls in love with Eve having spent years since childhood as her companion. 

I really enjoyed Eve of Man, and rating it as a 3 and a half star book I felt it was a good beginning to the trilogy and I will be continuing as we move into Book 2. Why I only gave it 3 and a half stars is because it is the first time Tom & G have written for the YA audience and at times I wanted them to give it just a little more detail and context. At over 300 pages Eve of Man is not a short book but I wanted it to be a little beefier, maybe around 500-600 pages, because the really good well fleshed out trilogies in YA can stand to be that bit longer. In the additional pages, I wanted to know more about the world as it stands in which Eve of Man is based. I wanted more Bram, more of his background his emotions and his transition from Pilot to outside of the tower. There are lots of great characters in this book and we don't spend a lot of time touching on any of them other than very briefly. The plot flies past so quickly that I felt we missed out on a lot of world building that would have added more light and shade to the book. We touch at times on the power gained from the people who control Eve but I really wanted to spend more time exploring this and understanding the personalities and characters who were in that position so we could up the stakes somewhat.  Maybe a fear from Tom & G to bombard the YA audience but I feel that they can handle it and perhaps an opportunity was missed to really bring us into the world they are building even more so we really all stay on board for the 3 book journey with them. 

I do think it is a great YA dystopian, it certainly has lots of room for growth in the next two books. I personally am excited to spend more time with Eve as she grows and develops in Book 2, her character was naturally quite limited by her surroundings in Book 1 but I'm hoping she grows stronger as she learns more about the world outside the Tower and takes control of her own destiny. I am absolutely in love with her and Bram as a partnership and am desperate to see them actually spend time together without the hologram of 'Holly' between them. I would definitely recommend this book to fans of YA dystopian fantasies as it's a promising start I just couldn't rate it a 4 star this time as I know it has room for growth as the series progresses and would urge Tom & G to be braver in trusting their YA audiences ability for more extensive politics and world building in the next installments. 

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